Historical Properties

Suydam Homestead

The Suydam House is the GCHA's c1730 historical house and museum. Research has revealed that the house was originally a one room dwelling. It was enlarged c. 1760 to include a lean-to kitchen. Towards the end of the 18th-century, (c. 1790), the house was extended to the east, the entire structure was covered by a gabled roof and a central chimney which vented three fireplaces was built.

John Gardiner Farm

The original one-and-one-half story farmhouse was built in the 1750’s. This austere house was expanded in four stages, the last being the addition of a second story in 1860 by Alexander Gardiner for his mother Fannie, who was living here at the time. Little has changed since the 1860’s, except for the addition of a bay window and central heat in 1910, and the house remains without bathroom facilities and with running water only in the kitchen sink and.